"With this program we have found the help and the guidance tool to help students figure out what they want to do, how to go about it, and to make all the pieces fit, and that helps a counselor in turn better guide the students even though we can't meet with them on a regular basis."

Valerie Geason

Counselor and CEO of LFW Foundation

"What makes it different from everything else? It gathers data, but it creates more than it gathers. It allows (students) to be creative outside of a box that we put them in. They're able to create a pathway instead of following one."

Herman Mitchell

Workforce Development Coordinator, Valley High School

"When my students watched the videos in the classroom they were just mesmerized. They were listening. They were on the tips of their seats. I had never seen them pay so much attention to career information brought to them by someone other than a teacher or parent."

Lori Jepson

Teacher and Work Experience Coordinator


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Steve Ward and Dream Catcher

Steve Ward, the founder of Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises tells the story of how he came up with the idea for Dream Catcher and what it has become.

It's Time

Get some insights into how Dream Catcher Works.

Software That Breaks Through (Testimonials)

Students from Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA and their CTE Instructor discuss their experience with the Dream Catcher program.

Evidence-Based Data

The Dream Catcher Learning Management System (LMS) is the powerful backend software of the Dream Catcher Program that allows teachers, parents, counselors and administrators to connect with student progress to provide valuable career and learning opportunities beyond their students' completion of the program.

Student Final Projects

See firsthand how students start planning for their future.

Remote Learning with Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher program helps students become self-motivated while they learn in the classroom or from home.

Purpose-Driven Education

Purpose Driven Education (PDE) is the future of education.

Improve Students' Overall Success

Improve students' overall success and desire to learn both in the classroom and through remote learning with the Dream Catcher program.

Success in the New Economy

This update to the viral animation video "Success in the New Economy" helps audiences understand how to ultimately secure a competitive advantage in the new economy.