Leadership Team

With a diverse team of educators, contributors, advisors, members and clients, we strive to bring purpose to our society.


In building our team, making skills a priority, we have developed a diverse team reflecting the fabric of our society.

Privately Held

Our stock is privately held by African American, Latino, Women and/or protected classes. As a privately held corporation, we serve our clients, with no alternate agenda.


We have career educators and administrators in the CTE and Workforce Development industry directing our features.


Our technology is driven by over 25 years of new and emerging technology expertise with guidance from industry experts.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Steve Ward

President, Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Steve Ward, founder of Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises and winner of the Innovation in Education award, speaker, author, and multi-media producer has been dedicated to saving lives. As a firefighter, he put out fires and rendered emergency medical care to the public for over 16 years. As the CEO and founder of Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises, he puts a new spin on workforce development and gets youth and adults fired up about their futures through his dynamic and engaging speaking engagements (Steve Ward Website coming soon).

Steve is a purpose-driven youth advocate devoted to helping people determine their purpose in life and develop a career plan of action to facilitate it. Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises offers schools, school districts, organizations and individuals a unique curriculum that can be used in any setting and on most technologies. Steve manages day-to-day operations and drives the organization’s strategy and growth.

Prior to heading up his current business venture, Steve helped grow the highly successful adult education software company called Essential Education. He was also an inventor who developed innovative hardware technology that would become the first tablet PC designed strictly for classroom use.

With more than 13 years of experience, Steve is an expert in educational technology. He is passionate about helping people discover their purpose and believes his purpose is to help others discover their purpose. Steve seeks to accomplish this through his software platform Dream Catcher which is already been proven to do just that. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hanging out with his wife and five children and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jesi Kinnevan has been telling stories through video since she was twelve years old. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and interests in cinema, electronics, cameras, and the performing arts, she has acquired a diverse set of skills that serve her passion for telling stories through digital media.

Jesi spent the first ten years of her career working as a software developer for industrial test, measurement, and automation applications. Through high school, college, and those first ten years of her career, she studied acting, sketch writing, directing, singing, and improv, including a two year stint at The Groundlings School. In 2005, she formed Minscoth Productions and began filming and editing short films, sketches, commercials, red carpet events, and corporate videos.

Jesi comes from a family of teachers, and over the years has taught professional software courses, volunteered as a youth track coach, tutored college students, led harassment training at fraternities and sororities, and spoken to junior high drama students about how to pursue a career in the performing arts. She has always valued the power of education and enjoys empowering educators to reach a wider audience with her skill set in film making.

Some of the educational organizations she has worked with include Broadway Unlocked, Crescendo Young Musicians Guild, Webb City Junior High in Webb City, Missouri, and the Boys and Girls Club of Story County Iowa.

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Jesi Kinnevan

Executive, Media Manager and Producer

Linda Zeigler

Career Education Specialist, Customer Success Coordinator & Trainer

Linda Zeigler is a recently retired, award-winning Work Based Learning Coordinator, Career Education Instructor and Curriculum Writer.

Her passion is to inspire young people in all areas of Career, College and Training program exploration, while helping them find internships and entry level jobs related to their career interest. Linda has used the Dream Catcher program with over a thousand students in a variety of courses, and now serves as a consultant and Trainer for Dream Catcher.

Linda is often called a Miner because of her dedication to finding the hidden skills, talents, interests, and passions in each student, then helping polish them to be a sparkling gem. She believes the Dream Catcher program is one of the best tools available for this process today.

Meet Our Board & Advisors

Dr. Kevin J Fleming is an educator, speaker, producer of multiple, viral animation

videos including Success in the New Economy, and author of the bestseller,

(Re)Defining the Goal.

Dissatisfied with the status quo, he has dedicated over two decades advancing

career education forward as both a faculty member and administrator. Dr.

Fleming serves as the Founder and CEO of Catapult, which delivers the world’s

best thought leaders, through hybrid-flexible masterclasses, that truly inform,

motivate, and transform our institutions forward faster.

Dr. Fleming is a passionate advocate ensuring all students intentionally equip

their potential, enter the labor market with a competitive advantage, and find

their purpose on purpose.

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Dr. Kevin Fleming

Board of Directors

Joyce Whitby

Advisory Board

With over 35 years of experience in educational technology and sales, Joyce is a behind the scenes educator with innovation running deep in her veins. Joyce has worked for leading tech companies such as Apple Computer, Scientific Learning, VizZle, and School Messenger. Her extensive professional network consists of both industry and education thought leaders.

Initially starting as an educator in the 80s, Joyce quickly shifted to the ed-tech sales side of the industry after realizing how much potential technology held for the well being of our future. Beginning as a professional developer, she worked her way up to titles like 'Director of Sales' and 'Vice President of Sales and Marketing.' She has since worked with several companies representing software solutions that support students with special needs. It has been some of these experiences that have been the most rewarding to her and served to reveal the most of the positive capabilities in ed-tech. 

Joyce has won several awards for her accomplishments, such as a coveted "Golden Apple" award and a life defining "Ed-tech Alliance Champion Award" from the Congressional Black Caucus Education Brain Trust. As an expert in a long list of skills- including marketing, sales, business development, and strategy- her main focus is coaching businesses that represent transformative ideas, programs, and technology for the Education system.

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Paul’s experience as an Educator, Activities Director, Vice Principal, Principal, Director of School Improvement, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and passion for practical real life career education brings him to his current position as Executive Director, of College and Career Advantage at JPA ROP in Orange County. An organization that is focused on preparing students for college and career in a global economy, plus developing and delivering high quality CTE programs for all students.

Paul’s expertise is occupational education, administration and supervision of organizations, collaborative development of organization goals and systems, ensuring fiscal responsibility and overseeing institutional effectiveness protocols makes him a valuable Future n Focus Board member and Advisor.

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Dr. Paul Weir

Advisory Board

Michael Ormsby

Advisory Board

Michael is the Founder and CEO of Essential Education, a very successful GED Academy that offers programs to help adults gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully pass the GED

test and be prepared to move onto college, or other post-secondary training programs. Michael oversees software and curriculum development for adult learners and people with educational challenges.  Essential Education has helped millions of people take the steps towards a brighter future by creating resources designed specifically for adult educators and learners. Mr. Ormsby is a master at innovation in education, and has been a valued advisor and mentor since theinception of the Dream Catcher program. 

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