Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Does Dream Catcher meet State Standards?

Dream Catcher incorporates State Standards in its lessons and displays what standards are being used at the beginning of each lesson. Our Dream Catcher program is web-based, flexible to customize to its clients needs, and adaptable for individual state standards.

Does Dream Catcher meet Common Core Standards?

Each Dream Catcher lesson is labeled with highly visible Common Core Standards for reference. Using Purpose as a method of helping students navigate a career path breeds Intrinsic Motivation within the student. Intrinsic Motivation changes the outlook the students have on Why they are learning and makes their learning experience relative to their desired outcome.

Future N Focus Dream Catcher Enterprises believes that the method of Purpose-Driven Education will be the key to achieving Common Core Standards goals in the context of college and career readiness.

Are you like other algorithmic assessments?

Dream Catcher isn’t an algorithmic assessment.

Dream Catcher is an 8 lesson inspirational online academic and career readiness curriculum design to help user’s discover their purpose and align that purpose with the most suitable career path. Dream Catcher isn’t a competitor to algorithmic assessments, so rest assured that your purchase choice does not have to be Dream Catcher or an algorithmic assessment, but it has been reported from our customers that results in algorithmic assessments have improved after students use Dream Catcher first.

What is the recommended age for Career Education?

Career Education should start at toddlerhood, it should be reinforced and expanded at each stage of development in the school system and by parents encouraging observation, exploration and questioning. Formal Career Exploration in school should be a part of each level of education from exposure to career clusters to in depth self-awareness, career exploration and skill development in secondary and post-secondary education programs.

What is the best age group for the Dream Catcher Program?

The Dream Catcher career readiness program has been used with students from 5th grade through college programs. Ideally Dream Catcher should be the prerequisite to all other secondary career education programs as a guided self-study helping students identify their unique interest, skills, abilities, talents, likes, & dislikes, and purpose essential to successfully completing the algorithmic assessments of other career education programs.

School Districts that use the program in the Middle School and High School see great success and growth in their students’ academic and career pathway programs. The Student Profile, Virtual Interviews and Aspirational Data provide Guidance Counselors, Case Carriers, and Administrators greater connection with their students, vital information for IEP’s and data for grant writing.

Workforce Development Programs use the Dream Catcher program as an onboarding tool prior to job placement or as a career & self exploration tool within the program, improving counseling and guidance efforts.

Adult Education & Community College Programs use the Dream Catcher program in their Advisory, Leadership, and CTE program, and as a Workshop program with in their Career Centers.

How long does the program take to complete?

The 8 individual lessons comprised of motivational videos, interactive learning activities, and reflections are 45 minutes a lesson. Overviews of the Lessons, Pacing Guides, Facilitator Terms and other supportive resources are available following an online demo of the student experience.

Can the Dream Catcher program be completed independently or as a group?

Yes, the Dream Catcher program can be completed by students Independently in a classroom, in a group or at home. While each less is 45 minutes or less, students may progress at different rates as they do with other lessons. Some facilitators like to play each lesson’s introducti video to the class or group before having students progress through the interactive lessons independently.

Where is Dream Catcher used?

Because Dream Catcher is in alignment with Common Core, CTE, workforce development and career readiness standards, it lends itself to being used in a variety of different ways. Dream Catcher has been used in core classes like English, used in health, CTE courses, advisory periods more. Dream Catcher has also been successfully used in non-profit organizations like the Goodwill. When it comes to discovery of purpose and choosing academic and career pathways the use of Dream Catcher is only limited by your organizations imagination and creativity.

Does Dream Catcher provide evidence base data?

Dream Catcher has created a data based called Aspirational Data. This data provides work samples, creates a student profile that provides stakeholders with their students desired career paths, life and career purpose, plan of action & execution strategy, a professional interview demonstrating the students critical thinking skills learned in Dream Cather to chose an academic and career pathway as well as the aspirations they have for the type of life want. What more can you ask for?

Does Dream Catcher have cyber security features in place?

The Dream Catcher teams highest priority and providing our users with a safe online experience using our program.

Dream Catcher follows Industry standards for data encryption and privacy for Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Dream Catcher has been vetted by CITE and other Cyber Security agencies, And upon your request we can provide you our National Student Data Privacy Agreement, (NDPA).